Body changes – Week 22

So back in August I took on the task of getting my skinny fat body in shape. I was not happy with my waist line and how I was feeling energy wise. I decided to join a local chain gym. It was only $10 a month, had everything I could ever want to use, and… Continue reading Body changes – Week 22

House going up for sale

Wednesday the house is going up for sale. I have some painting to finish and a basement to clean out and a storage locker to fill with clutter. I will be back after this is all done. Selling this house has been my last months priority. From a bathroom to kitchen renovation and painting. every… Continue reading House going up for sale

My top 7 Phone apps

Top 7 apps I use daily Mint¬†Available on PC, Android, I Phone I use Mint to check on my finances. This is a great free tool to budget your expenses. I have my bank accounts, and credit cards all running through this. I use to use an excel spread sheet to track my expenses. Once… Continue reading My top 7 Phone apps