Body changes – Week 22

So back in August I took on the task of getting my skinny fat body in shape. I was not happy with my waist line and how I was feeling energy wise. I decided to join a local chain gym. It was only $10 a month, had everything I could ever want to use, and… Continue reading Body changes – Week 22

My top 7 Phone apps

Top 7 apps I use daily Mint¬†Available on PC, Android, I Phone I use Mint to check on my finances. This is a great free tool to budget your expenses. I have my bank accounts, and credit cards all running through this. I use to use an excel spread sheet to track my expenses. Once… Continue reading My top 7 Phone apps

Family Time – Life is not always about Hustle!

We tend to get caught up in the hustle of trying to get ahead in life. We always have to ask ourselves “why are we doing this?”¬†For me its my family, and more specific my kids. I want to have my kids grow up not having to be stressed about life. I want them to… Continue reading Family Time – Life is not always about Hustle!