Facebook – Business Pages

My wife and I both run a wedding photography business on the side. We generally do this on weekends. This brings us a little bit of extra cash on the side each year (building that next egg) We chose to do this as we enjoy celebrating these days with new couples, and the family environments that come with it.

We have a web site ShoutStudio and it does well, we market on WeddingWire as well. 50% of our business is generated from WeddingWire and the other 50% comes via word of mouth. We also have a facebook business page. We found this works for other in our industry but for some reason it’s a dud! We get odd requests, but mostly for people shopping around for that $500 photographer. Not our target market clients, as our vision are usually totally different then our brand.

Is this familiar with others and FaceBook? Well we still add photos and wonder if maybe after 5 years in business they may work, or are we just shooting ourselves in the foot, and wasting our time? when do you just pull the trigger and stop? We are not paying for adds as I have not seen the worth as we see people looking only for that cheap photographer.

What would you do?


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