Body changes – Week 22

So back in August I took on the task of getting my skinny fat body in shape. I was not happy with my waist line and how I was feeling energy wise.

I decided to join a local chain gym. It was only $10 a month, had everything I could ever want to use, and was only 10 minutes away. I had attended a gym in the past when I was 18 and had a work out buddy. This time was different, I was 32 at the time, and 145 lbs. the max weight for my age/height. WHAT HAPPEND!

So I hit the internet to find some sort of program. That i did find and so many of them. i kinda took a bit from here, and a bit from there and made my own program. This did work, for the time being until my body hit its plateau of the newbie gains. I needed to get on a real program, pay some $$$ and do it right.

Welcome Kino Body. This was exactly what i was looking for the physique, the diet. everything. I read over some blog posts, watched some of Greg’s you tube videos and i was hooked. I made the plunge and purchased hi program. I read over the material, made my work out programs, even agreed on his form of intermittent fasting. I use to eat this way when I was younger so it really did not challenge me at all.

I hit the gym with my new program. WOW is all i could say. it was faster to get my lifts in. i had some form of structure and no a bit of this a bit of that and 1:30 min later I’m done. My lifts are between 30-45 min now, what a time saver/life hack.

So far i have been on this program for 2 weeks. I have lost weight and my body is becoming more defined. I love it. this is how my stats looked at.

Start weight: 145 lbs

Weight after 22 weeks: 139 lbs

2 weeks with kino body : 135 lbs

The weight is coming off. or i should say the fat is. my tummy is already becoming more flat. I believe I will hit 125 lbs (minimal) then begin my lean bulk. I’m going to do it right this time with no tire around the waist.

So that’s the update for now. I have come photos of Week 1, and Week 22. Once i hit about the 3 month mark with the kino body i will show an update.

day 1 start
day 1 start
Week 22



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