House tour – before we sold it

Going, Going, Gone

Below is a video I took of our home.


All the work that we have put into the house has finally paid off.In less then two weeks we have SOLD! our first home.It will be sad to leave, but it is also a blessing.

As our family grew our house just became impossible to function in. Kids toys took over the dinning room (converted in the end to play room) only having two bedrooms (kids having to share a room) Laundry in the basement (lugging laundry up and down 3 flights of stairs daily)  No dishwasher (45-1:30 min a day of dishes) only one bathroom for all four of us to share (crazy in the morning) And finally not having a garage (hard to lug kids and items in and out in the winter. This was the obvious problems we had.

I decided it would be good to record our first home. We can show our kids where they spent the beginning of their lives growing up. It nice to have some memories and share them.

This has occupied my life in the past two months with the renos, paperwork, meetings, long nights. I could go on and on. Once March comes around it will be chapter two of our lives. We will be moving into our newly built home that suits our families needs.



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