My top 7 Phone apps

Top 7 apps I use daily

Mint Available on PC, Android, I Phone

I use Mint to check on my finances. This is a great free tool to budget your expenses. I have my bank accounts, and credit cards all running through this. I use to use an excel spread sheet to track my expenses. Once I found out about Mint it saved me over 1 hour of budgeting time per week. It initially may take you an hour to set up , but it turns into a set it and forget it thing. I only have to maintain it when I shop at new store, and it needs to be categorized.

Spotify Available on PC, Android, I Phone

I love my tunes. Spotify is an alternative to music on the radio. I make my custom playlist, and follow others. I only have the free service, which is more then enough. The free service forces you to have the music shuffled. The paid service will allow you to play what ever you like. If your like me and really don’t care, free is the way to go.

Calm Available on  Android, I Phone

If you need help meditating then Calm is an awesome app. It has guided sessions, or you can just listen to comforting sounds, like rain, bubbling brooks, wind. My wife loves to listen to this to help her sleep. If you need white noise to sleep like my wife, or want to use the guided sessions, check this out.

My Fitness Pal Available on PC, Android, I Phone

I love to track my calories. I use My Fitness Pal religiously. This will work with other aps, or devices. I have it set up with my Garmin vivofit . This is part of my weight loss plan, and helps me get into shape by watching my calorie intake. I would not be losing weight if it were not for this app. (update to come soon at week 12)

DuoLingo Available on PC, Android, I Phone

Always wanted to learn a new language like French to talk some sexy words to your wife? DuoLingo will get you there. I have tried so many language apps I was close to giving up. This app is by far the easiest to learn from. It does review words you learnt in the beginning of your sessions. It’s teaching techniques are superior to many other apps in the market. I especially like how it reminds me that I should complete my lesson for the day with a notice.

Snapseed Available on  Android, I Phone

When I’m on the job, and I want to post a quick Sneak Peak of the wedding day I use Snapseed to edit on the fly. This app could possibly replace any imaging software you can purchase (watch out adobe) . If you like taking pictures, and don’t like how they look from the camera phone, try this app out. Easy to use, and a must on every phone.

Evernote Available on PC, Android, I Phone

Oh the best for last. Evernote is a saviour. I use this for note taking, image storing, web clipping, voice notes. I could not function in today’s day an age with out this. It replaced yesterday day planer, remember those big bulky things. This is that but on Arnold Schwarzenegger steroids version in your pocket. I use the free version, because I have never filled up the free storage. I would pay for this in a heart beat any day. 

If you have any great apps that you use, please feel free to share in the comments.


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