1 Month at the Gym – Fitness check in

Going to the gym

As I write this blog it has just been a bit over a month of my three days a week work out routine. I joined a local World Gym, for a mere $10 a month. You cant even buy a set of dumbbells for the cost of a year. I am pleased with the results I have achieved. I have regained energy, lost some belly fat, and can lift more weight, and lost some weight in the process.

I had to change my diet drastically. I reduced my bread intake to once every three days. I eventually plan on weeding it out of my diet, as i have realized it causes my digestive track to get inflamed. This will have to be done in baby steps as it is a hard thing to just go cold turkey on. I find I noticed my appetite has changed to eating constantly as muscle is demanding it for growth. You will have to watch out you don’t give into cravings for snacks. I will admit I’m not perfect and I have caved but I try to keep it to once or twice a week.

day 1 start
day 1 start
results after 1 month

Results are I have lost 3 lbs in total. This may not seem like much. I personally don’t care about the weight. I want to see results. Clearly after the first month they are coming along. This was the best idea I have had in years. It has built my confidence up. Beginning to see correction in my posture. Lower back pain has not bothered me much to the point it is almost non existent.

It is not much of a secret to do this type of transformation. Watch what goes in, Push your body hard, have consistency, and get at least 6-7 hours of sleep minimal. I tried for 7-8 hours but hard at times with two kids under the age of three.

Stay tuned on the next blog I will share what I did for my Monday, Wednesday, Friday Workouts. I kept it extremely basic so any one can do it.


3 thoughts on “1 Month at the Gym – Fitness check in

  1. I am a trainer with more years experience than you. Based on looks you could easily but a db variable set for 40 dollars. I had bought Olympic weights and a squat rack, had various types of bars and had both Olympic and standard weights. I had over a ton that was neatly put away. I did not have to wait for my turn and still do not. If you have room buy your own stuff.


      1. Oh I understand I have been watching two autistic 8 year old twins, 1 boy and 1 girl. I understand. Moving around had me downgrade in my equipment. If you have benches and do not have an upright to hold the bar.


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