Journaling – Not just for kids

I love to write in my journal today. This was not always the case. When I first started i dreaded it. I would stare at the book and think WTF do i write about. It started off with bitching sessions. Writing about what pissed me off from work to the way some one looked at me. that lasted a whole week before i let that all out, and guess what I actually felt better. Then it was like that moment in despicable me where Gru says ” light bulb” I think i was on to something.

pencil and journal

Over time things changed in what I journalled about. I started to talk about what i wanted in life. What I was going to do, and planing how to do it. Taking notes on books and what I learnt from it. it was turning into a book of knowledge and no longer a I hate the world thing. Made me think what if my kids pick this up when I am no longer around, and read my entries. This was another Gru moment. I changed what i wrote and no longer wrote for myself, but began to write for my kids. What knowledge, life hacks, short cuts, words of wisdom, and transformations.

They teach you how to journal when you elementary school, but some where along you stop. Why, When, I can’t recall. It is quite a lost art in today’s age as every one is staring down at the latest ping or text that appears on there device. I challenge you to start a journal if you don’t yet. If you do keep it up and leave a comment on what made you begin to journal.


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