Changing My Life – Hitting the restart button

Kick in the ASS!

Do you ever have the feeling of Damn I’m not happy with myself, how do I fix this, and do I even have the balls to stick to it?

I have thought this many times. I’m sure it has crossed your mind at some time. From my physique, finances, stress. You name it. It goes through our head constantly.

Today I am just going to focus on my physique. I want to make sure I don’t give up on my goals. What better than to post it on the internet for the whole world to see. It will be scary at times. I don’t feel comfortable sharing things such as my finances. I know it has to be done for me to take it serious. Also I want you to be my accountability partner!


P.S. this is what I look like for my week 1 picture. I am on my way to the gym I just joined.

Weight is 145lbs for 5ft 6 inches, and my underwear folds over due to the belly. Not happy with myself!

Please follow or leave me a comment. looking forward to having some good accountability partners.


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